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HJ Bosch & Sons The East: Premier Vehicle Restoration in Pretoria


Nestled in the thriving hub of Waltloo, Pretoria East, lies a temple of automotive revival – HJ Bosch & Sons The East. A place where cars are not just repaired but meticulously restored to their former glory. This blog takes you inside our Pretoria East franchise, showcasing the unparalleled vehicle restoration services led by franchise owner Clinton Poonsamy.

Skilled technician at HJ Bosch & Sons The East meticulously restoring a vehicle with the Pretoria skyline in the background, symbolizing top-tier auto body craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship That Speaks Volumes:

At 19 Battery Crescent, every panel beating task is an opportunity to display our artistry. Our team's passion for automotive aesthetics is the driving force behind the exceptional results we deliver. It's not just about fixing a dent; it's about renewing the spirit of the vehicle.

Services Offered at The East:

  • Tailored Panel Beating: Each vehicle receives personalized attention, with services custom-fitted to the car's specifications and the owner's expectations.

  • Advanced Restoration Techniques: We employ the latest in restoration technology, ensuring that even the most timeless classics meet contemporary standards of performance and safety.

  • Comprehensive Vehicle Care: Beyond panel beating, our services extend to complete vehicle care, including paint jobs, detailing, and more.

Why Choose HJ Bosch & Sons The East?

  • Expert Team: Under the leadership of Clinton Poonsamy, our team comprises industry veterans who understand the nuances of diverse vehicle models.

  • Quality Assurance: We're committed to delivering quality that not only meets but exceeds industry standards – a promise we've kept consistently.

  • Customer Satisfaction: We believe the core of our business lies in the satisfaction of our clients. Our customer-first approach ensures transparent communication and bespoke service.

The Experience at HJ Bosch & Sons The East:

A visit to our franchise is more than a trip to the mechanic. It's an experience that begins with a warm welcome and ends with the joy of driving off in a car that's been given a new lease on life.


Pretoria East's motorists deserve nothing less than the best, and at HJ Bosch & Sons The East, we're proud to set that standard. We invite you to discover the difference that dedication, skill, and passion can make to your vehicle restoration journey.

Call to Action:

Drive into HJ Bosch & Sons The East for an experience that transcends the ordinary. Contact us at or call +27 012 370 8008 to consult directly with Clinton Poonsamy. Step into our world of expert panel beating and vehicle restoration today.

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