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HJ Bosch and Sons Panelbeaters: A Legacy of Quality, Service, and Innovation

HJ Bosch and Sons Panelbeaters stands as a beacon of excellence in the panel-beating industry, with a rich legacy that spans over several decades. Founded in 1969 by the visionary duo Drik Bosch and his son, Hennie Bosch, the company started as a modest family enterprise. Their unwavering commitment to superior craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service set them on a path to serve and elevate their community.

Throughout the years, HJ Bosch and Sons Panelbeaters have experienced consistent growth, forging a reputation for quality and reliability. The founders' dedication to their craft and the trust they cultivated with their customers propelled the business into becoming one of South Africa's most esteemed panelbeating firms.

In 2016, the leadership baton was passed to the third Bosch family generation, marking a new chapter that included the adoption of a franchise business model. This strategic shift aimed to preserve the company's esteemed excellence and customer satisfaction traditions.


2019 was a landmark year for HJ Bosch and Sons Panelbeaters as we celebrated our 50th anniversary in the Auto Body Repair Industry. Our commitment to leveraging the latest technology and ensuring that our craftsmanship meets the highest industry standards has solidified our standing among customers, insurance companies, and motor manufacturers. Aligning with the visions and missions of recognized associations such as SAMBRA and adhering to the standards of most motor manufacturers underscores our dedication to excellence.

Our mission is to forge a service-oriented relationship with our customers based on quality workmanship that meets the highest standards and ensures customer satisfaction. We aim to provide:

  • Products and services at fair and reasonable prices.

  • The latest technology for repairing our customers’ vehicles.

  • Workmanship that adheres to the utmost standards.

  • Supervised in-service training and a culture of continuous learning for all employees.

  • Apprenticeship training with Merseta, nurturing the next generation of skilled panel beaters and spray painters.

  • Business principles align with the Consumer Protection Act & Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act.



Our comprehensive tow-in service operates nationwide 24/7 and is supported by a vast fleet of tow trucks and rollbacks. We utilize the Audatex computerized quotation system for accurate estimates and the Blackhawk Chassis Measuring System to ensure that the chassis of damaged vehicles are repaired according to original factory measurements.

Our spraypainting department uses only the highest quality paint, ensuring an exact match to the original vehicle colour with a lifetime guarantee post-oven baking. Training and development are foundational to our company's ethos, providing continuous learning opportunities for staff at all levels and specialized apprenticeship training accredited by MERSETA.

The journey of growth and expansion continued into 2023, marked by the opening of HJ Bosch & Sons Panelbeaters The East (Pty) Ltd, another milestone in our relentless pursuit of excellence.

Through years of dedication, HJ Bosch and Sons Panelbeaters remain steadfast to its core values, always striving for excellence in every project undertaken. With a rich history and a promising future, we continue to serve our community with the same passion, dedication, and expertise that have been our hallmark since our inception.

Join us as we move forward into a new era in the panel-beating industry, upholding the legacy of HJ Bosch and Sons Panelbeaters—one of South Africa's most reputable and trusted names in the panelbeating scene.

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