Tow-In Service

The tow-in and recovery of vehicles are done countrywide, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. 

We have partnered with Empire Road Assistance, a Level 1 BEE towing and recovery company in order to provide our clients the best service in the industry, they have a large fleet of tow trucks as well as rollbacks available.

Chassis Repair

Our company uses the Blackhawk Chassis Measuring System to assure that the damaged vehicle’s chassis is repaired according to the original factory measurements.


We use the Audatex computerized quotation system to meet reasonable quotation standards.

This system accurately estimates prices and ensures that the labour and parts supplied are in line according to standards set in the Automotive Body Repair Industry.


Only the best quality spray paint is used to ensure that the vehicle’s colour is returned to the original colour. After spraypainting, the vehicle is oven-baked and a lifetime guarantee is awarded.