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HJ Bosch & Sons: A Symphony of OEM Certified Panel Beaters Elevating Auto Repair Excellence

Introduction: In the world of auto body repair, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) approvals are akin to badges of honour. They signify trust, quality, and alignment with the highest standards set by car manufacturers. At HJ Bosch & Sons, we are proud to announce an impressive array of OEM approvals within our franchise group. From Mazda to Mitsubishi, our expertise has been recognized by the best in the business. OEM Certified Panel Beaters.

A collage of prestigious automotive logos surrounding a focused technician performing detailed auto body work, signifying HJ Bosch & Sons' OEM certifications.

Our Seal of Trust: OEM Approvals

Our commitment to excellence has been validated by receiving approvals from a wide range of respected manufacturers. Here's what these endorsements mean for you:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: Our vast portfolio of OEM approvals means that we are equipped to handle a wide range of models with the precision and specifications they require.

  2. Guaranteed Quality: Each approval stands as a testament to our technicians' skills and our facilities' capabilities to perform repairs that meet or exceed manufacturer standards.

  3. The OEM Approval List: Each of these approvals is a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of repair quality and customer satisfaction, assuring you that HJ Bosch & Sons is not just capable but exceptional in every facet of our service.

  • Mazda Approval: Mazda’s ethos of innovation and quality finds a parallel in our repair work, ensuring every Mazda leaves our shop meeting its maker's stringent standards.

  • Kia Approval: With a focus on design and dependability, our Kia-approved repairs maintain the integrity and performance of your vehicle.

  • Hyundai Approval: Recognized for safety and reliability, our Hyundai-approved services ensure your car remains in optimal condition.

  • Mahindra Approval: Robust and rugged, Mahindra vehicles require expert hands for maintenance, a service we're proud to be endorsed for.

  • Foton Approval: Specializing in commercial and consumer vehicles, our Foton-approved repairs are synonymous with durability and resilience.

  • Daihatsu Approval: We honour Daihatsu's compact and efficient engineering with precise and meticulous repair work.

  • FAW Approval: FAW's variety of passenger and commercial vehicles are well-served by our comprehensive repair techniques.

  • Tata Approval: Our approved services for Tata cars promise to uphold the brand’s reputation for affordable quality.

  • Isuzu Approval: Known for toughness, every Isuzu treated in our shops retains its hardy character through our expert care.

  • Suzuki Approval: The agility and spirit of Suzuki vehicles are preserved thanks to our detailed repair and restoration processes.

  • Renault Approval: Our repair services match Renault's innovative spirit, ensuring that French engineering finesse is maintained.

  • Honda Approval: Reliability is key with Honda, and our approved services ensure your vehicle continues to run as smoothly as ever.

  • Haval Approval: As a newer entrant, Haval's modern vehicles receive contemporary repair methods from our certified team.

  • GWM Approval: We ensure that GWM vehicles receive the highest standard of repair, keeping them robust and reliable.

  • Ford Approval: Our approved repair services for Ford vehicles are a nod to this American brand's long-standing automotive legacy.

  • Chery Approval: Chery's commitment to smart technology and safety is echoed in our dedicated repair work.

  • Toyota Approval: With a reputation for reliability, our approved Toyota repairs maintain the endurance and quality of your vehicle.

  • Mitsubishi Approval: Mitsubishi's vehicles, known for their power and precision, receive nothing less than top-tier service from our skilled technicians.

  • Nissan Approval: From the zippy Micra to the sturdy Navara, our Nissan-approved services cater to the complete range with excellence.

Why Choose HJ Bosch & Sons?

Choosing HJ Bosch & Sons means selecting a team that's not only OEM-approved but also customer-approved. Our dedication to service and the integrity of your vehicle is reflected in every job we undertake, regardless of make or model.


At HJ Bosch & Sons, our wealth of OEM approvals underscores our position as a leading auto body repair service in the industry. These approvals are more than just certifications; they are a promise to our customers that we deliver only the best in quality and service.

Call to Action:

Whether you drive a Ford, a Renault, or a GWM, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in capable hands at HJ Bosch & Sons. Contact us today to experience service that is not only approved by your car’s manufacturer but also revered by drivers across the region.

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