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Autumn Preparedness: Your Vehicle Maintenance Checklist by HJ Bosch & Sons


As the leaves begin to change colour and the air grows cooler, it's a reminder that autumn is upon us, bringing with it a new set of challenges for your vehicle. Preparing your car for the change in seasons is essential to maintaining its health and ensuring your safety on the road. HJ Bosch & Sons has compiled a comprehensive checklist to help you transition your vehicle from summer to autumn with ease.

1. Battery Check

The cooler temperatures of autumn can take a toll on your vehicle’s battery. A battery that was merely weak during the summer could fail in colder weather. Have your battery tested at HJ Bosch & Sons to ensure it's fully charged and ready for the season ahead.

2. Tire Inspection

Tire condition and pressure can significantly impact your vehicle's performance, especially in autumn's unpredictable weather. Check for adequate tread depth to ensure proper traction on wet or leaf-covered roads, and adjust tyre pressure as temperatures drop.

3. Brake System Evaluation

Wet roads and early frost make autumn a critical time for having effective brakes. We recommend a comprehensive brake check to ensure your pads, rotors, and fluid are in top condition, providing you with the stopping power needed for safe autumn driving.

4. Fluid Levels and Condition

Changing or topping up essential fluids can help your vehicle cope with colder weather. This includes engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid with antifreeze properties. Let HJ Bosch & Sons handle your fluid maintenance for peace of mind.

5. Lighting and Electrical Systems

Shorter days and longer nights mean you’ll rely more on your vehicle's lighting. Ensure all lights are functioning correctly, including headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and interior lights, for maximum visibility and safety.

6. Windshield Wiper Replacement

Autumn’s rain and early snowfall put your windshield wipers to the test. If your wipers are leaving streaks or have become less effective, it's time for a replacement. Consider installing blades designed for colder temperatures and precipitation.

7. Heating and Ventilation System

Comfort and safety in your vehicle during autumn require a functioning heater and defroster. Have these systems checked to ensure clear visibility through your windshield and comfort for all passengers as the temperature drops.


Transitioning your vehicle from summer to autumn doesn’t have to be daunting. With HJ Bosch & Sons’ maintenance checklist, you can ensure your car is prepared for the cooler, wetter months ahead. Schedule your autumn vehicle checkup with us today and drive confidently through the season.

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