You’re in a pickle, you don’t have insurance and have to pay cash. Remember you’re not alone,

actually, 70% of cars on the road don’t have insurance and that’s why FixEezi is here.

With FixEezi you can pay-off your auto body repairs by applying for a short-term loan with

Capitec Bank. We will handle the process for you. Quick, easy, and simple.

Obtain a quote from HJ Bosch and Sons and once we confirm the estimate from them, you complete an online Finance application form by clicking on the "Apply Now" link below.


Within 8 business hours, you will get a call confirming your pre-authorization for your loan.

If you are happy to go ahead, Capitec Bank will call you and do a telephonic contract. (You will need to send in some docs to Capitec).

Capitec Bank will pay FixEezi upfront for the car body repairs and you will be informed of approval and a time to book your car-in at HJ Bosch and Sons.